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Trois articles pour comprendre Charlottesville

1. L’enjeu actuel

« The simple fact of the matter is that the world has never built a multiethnic democracy in which no particular ethnic group is in the majority and where political equality, social equality and economies that empower all have been achieved. We are engaged in a fight over whether to work together to build such a world. And even those who are, in principle, willing to build that world are fighting with one another, for instance, over issues such as how the compelling state interest in nondiscrimination, confirmed by the Supreme Court decades ago, interacts with rights of association and speech.

This fight is different than our earlier ones because this time everyone begins from the psychological position of fearing to be a member of a vulnerable minority. Experiences of uncertainty, anxiety and endangerment are widely spread. Out of such soil grows the poison plant of extremism. »

Article complet : Charlottesville is not the continuation of an old fight. It is something new, Washington Post, 13 août 2017

2. Le contexte démographique

« Selon un résultat d’analyse de la démographie américaine réalisée par le Centre de Recherche PEW, la communauté hispanique représente près de 50 % de la croissance de la population américaine en 2017. […] On estime qu’en 2044, les blancs non hispaniques seront minoritaires aux Etats-Unis [où] un tiers de la population sera latino. Lire la suite

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